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Why professional proofreading?

Scientific expression

A scientific editor has precise knowledge and a lot of experience in the field of scientific writing style and precise formulation. Those who are not practiced in this field often do not notice colloquial phrases and unnecessary filler words. In a scientific paper, however, you should always be meticulous not to write supposed truths that are considered unscientific, not to write too vaguely or too judgmentally, or to paraphrase from sources that are not worth quoting. So, again, it is an advantage to hire someone who is of the subject.

Adherence to formal criteria

Errors in citation or in the labeling of figures and tables, as well as other sources like https://editius.com/dissertation-formatting-service/ of formal error, are easily overlooked by non-academics. This is another plus for professional editing. In English theses, the citation style to be followed at the institute also has a great influence on the capitalization of chapter and figure/table names, on the use of tenses, and on punctuation, which very few people are aware of.

Notes on structure and argumentation

A scientific editor never just reads single sentences without context, but https://editius.com/proofread-my-paper/ starts to get an idea of the topic and the structure of the paper right at the first word - just as the supervisor will do later. For example, if the text is imprecise or vaguely worded, it leaves room for unintended interpretation. The proofreader helps you to express exactly what you want to say so that there is no misunderstanding between you and the reader. A more experienced proofreader creates quick organization and has the ability to exchange the incorrect sentence parts and knowledge gaps for well-structured phrases and sentences in just a few moments.


You can't rely on the automatic spell checker

Maybe you thought it was enough to run the https://editius.com/essay-formatting/ of your word processor over the text? We're sorry to disappoint you. The automatic spell checker may detect spelling errors, but it cannot detect meaningful errors ("be" / "since", "regardless of the fact" instead of "regardless of the fact", "won results" instead of "won results"). And what good is a correctly spelled word in the wrong context?


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